Farewell to a friend

It’s not over, the end is not here
Please don’t worry, don’t you fear
I agree that it’s a huge change
It might feel complicated and strange
But this is what you always dreamt of, what you always wanted
So like a soldier stand tough, stand undaunted
You are leaving everything behind?
No, no way. Everyone is right by your side
The only thing lost should be uncertainties, regrets and failure
You gotta be strong, cz you yourself are your savior
You gotta save yourself from your own thoughts, fear and heart
It’s just a new chapter, not a new book, just a new start.


I know, I know I was never good
But you always showed me the best of me
You told me I was your The One
You told me I was the best you’ve ever seen
But the next moment, you broke me down
From the sky you pulled me  back to the ground
And I, finally, saw the truth I didn’t accept
I finally saw how pathetic I’m
So I thank u, for making me realize
I thank u, for bringing me to light

The story of us

​I was a girl, carefree and naive
Trying to find happiness in everything in life
You were a guy, serious and strong
Fighting your life, which was going wrong
You know there are people who just meet
And as if they know each other since eternity, they just click;
The one that takes away the feeling of being incomplete,
The feeling of being homesick?
That’s what happened when you and I met
And from friends to bestfriends in no time we became;
I helped you live, get away from the pain
Made you smile, and dance in the rain
I helped you love yourself, like I loved you
And together we laughed, together we grew
Then came my dark days, and you became my light
You became my support and my savior and knight
You helped me up when I was deep down
You helped me smile and reverse the frown
We became lovers, the inseparable two
The true bond of love, the lucky few
People looked up at us, called us the ideal lovers
We knew everything about each other, had seen all the colors
Sure there were problems, sure there were ups and downs
But we made sure in the end it strengthened our bond
We loved then, we love now, we’ll love forever
This is the meaning of true love, and true love dies never❤

The changes

This thing what’s happening, it’s like everything is repeating
Somethings not right, all we do is fight all the time
I cry and he laughs
It breaks up my heart
I try and try hard
But this thing, we can’t get rid of
What’s happening? Somebody tell me please
I can’t take it anymore, I can’t breathe
The things we used to laugh about
Now we fuss over them
How happy we were and now look,
Oh what a shame
I used to think that he was different
Mature enough to handle himself
But now he’s taking me on a ride to hell
I love him, he loves me
But all we are is sorry
I’m Tired of this sadness boo
I cry all the time, I forgot how to smile
Yet there’s nothing u can do?

Just hold on

Just be quiet

Atleast for a while

The things will be alright

Just give it some time

The rain will come to an end

And the sky will be clear

There will be no one to offend

Or no one whom you fear

Just hold hands with your dear ones

Just have faith in the Almighty

The time is up for all the odds

And in no time you will be singing your own melody

Mine.. All mine!!

When we are together
We make the world feel alright
I love every second I spend with you
Even if we spend it to fight
When you got down on your knees
When you told Marry me please!
When you told me I was the one
N I screamed yes, n in your arms I run
So shocking it was
Never so happy I was
N I just wanted time to stop
N I wanted to fall in your arms
N hug u forever ever ever
N let go never never never
Cz you are the one!
The one I never want to let go
The one who owns my soul
The one who means everything to me
The one without whom I just can’t be
It felt so magical,
so beautiful!
I smiled so wide
When I called you mine
For the first time…


Don’t need a big house,
Don’t need money.
All I need to survive is
to know that you love me.
Each moment spent with you,
I wish I could treasure.
The amount of love I have for you,
You can’t even measure.
The love that we have,
I hope we lose never..
I wish we be “us”,
Always and forever

The beautiful you!

Do you realize how bold you are?
Such a beautiful smile,brighter than the star
The way you walk, chest out and chin up!
You let everyone know that you never give up
Friends envy you and colleagues are jealous
But with that attitude you couldn’t care less!

Do you realize what impression you put?
With your cheery smile, people’s heart you shoot
And before you walk around, everyone should me alarmed
Cz you don’t even realize how easily you spread your charm!

Do you realize how strong you are?
With your lovely smile, you hide your scars
And let no one know the story of your life
Let no one know the real you, let no one know what’s inside!

Be the thing right, be the thing wrong
You don’t care, You just move along
Move with a smile, move with glee
Cz you love being what you be!

You.. My everything!

When you came into my life
With your smile n beautiful eyes
Happiness is what you brought to me
From tension and worries I felt free
I dint even know so much happy I could ever be
But a new world, a new me, you made me see
A world full of craziness and love and care
You made me realize there were so many things I could have
You brought me out of my small world
You made a strong woman out of a weak girl
My reason to live, that’s what you are
In a dark night, you became my guiding star
While writing this I kept thinking of your smiling face
And I just got breathless and felt my heart race
Cz the moment I saw your smile
I imagined “us” walking down the aisle
The moment I saw you, I felt my world shine
And the only thing I wished for is that you forever be mine..


Love me like you loved me when we were nothing
Hug me like you hugged me when I was falling apart
Kiss me like you kissed me the first time
Want me like you wanted me when I was not yours
Take me with you cz I don’t want to live without you
Make me yours cz that’s where I belong