The story of us

​I was a girl, carefree and naive
Trying to find happiness in everything in life
You were a guy, serious and strong
Fighting your life, which was going wrong
You know there are people who just meet
And as if they know each other since eternity, they just click;
The one that takes away the feeling of being incomplete,
The feeling of being homesick?
That’s what happened when you and I met
And from friends to bestfriends in no time we became;
I helped you live, get away from the pain
Made you smile, and dance in the rain
I helped you love yourself, like I loved you
And together we laughed, together we grew
Then came my dark days, and you became my light
You became my support and my savior and knight
You helped me up when I was deep down
You helped me smile and reverse the frown
We became lovers, the inseparable two
The true bond of love, the lucky few
People looked up at us, called us the ideal lovers
We knew everything about each other, had seen all the colors
Sure there were problems, sure there were ups and downs
But we made sure in the end it strengthened our bond
We loved then, we love now, we’ll love forever
This is the meaning of true love, and true love dies never❤

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