The Unanswered Misery

My heads spinning
Plz tell me Where are u going?
All of a sudden.. Why such change of emotions?
When did this happen?
When did your love go away?
Please wait! I want you to stay
What made you so cold?
You have changed, you are not the you old
How did we end up this way?
How could you live my life so grey?
I still can’t believe.. I m frozen!
Wait! why? Atleast give me a reason!
The truth plz! No lies! Don’t fake ur emotions!


Everyone is talking but I won’t hear
I m happy, I am free of all the fears
Finally found the life i had always desired
At such a level of happiness that I can’t go any higher
Cz I finally found you
You are the only one I count to
You give me the strength to be me
U gave me the wings to fly and be free
Free from the darkness, free from the sorrows
You filled love in a heart so hollow
You gave me a reason to start living again
You were the medicine to all my pain
And magically all my aches disappeared
All the sadness, from my life you cleared
M glad you are mine, m glad you are always near
Cz I don’t know what I would have done without you dear


Memories of our past
Linger in my mind
I hope they don’t last
Cz in the present they make me blind
I can’t see clear
I link everything to what we left behind
I don’t notice what is near
N crave for something that I’ll never find
I’ll never find the answers and the reason
I’ll never know how it ended, our love season?
I feel I have moved on and that I don’t care
But it hurts when I hear about you from our friends
The way u talk about me, I can’t believe you
At least respect all the sacrifices I had made for u
At least think of all the sleepless nights I had spent for u
N all the love and care that I gave to you
Don’t u ever miss the good days we spent?
Don’t u ever talk about me with your friends?
Cz I keep remembering you all the time
Loving you was wrong n now m paying for that crime
U r happy that u got rid of me
But what m going through u can’t see
It’s like for me you closed your eyes
Did u think I won’t know about all your games n your lies?
Did u forget that we were always bestfriends before lovers?
You could have talked to me before everything got over
If u wanted to end it you cud have told me in a nice way
I would have understood, but u just wanted to push me away
I don’t even care that everything ended
Trust me I don’t even miss you a single day
What hurts the most is the way u did it
Laughing on my face n treating me like shit
U knew me so well; u knew this could kill me
I guess for breaking hearts u should be given a degree
I just hope that one day these memories won’t torture me
I just hope that one day from you I’ll be free


Tried to fake it
N tried to smile
Tried to laugh it off
N tried to hide
But sometimes, some things can’t be hidden behind the mask
Sometimes you can’t help it; sometimes you just have to ask
Ask Him why you are always the one hurt
Ask Him why you always have to feel like the dessert
So empty, so barren, so dry
No one cares! I scream, I cry, I die
Ask Him why do you always have to feel the pain
Tried everything but it hurts again
So I guess it’s time to unmask n show the real me
Tired of sacrificing, now let the world see
I won’t fake it; I won’t say it’s ok
If it hurt I m gonna tell you right away
U hurt? Felt bad? Well then you really should learn
Learn to grow strong, cz for you now I have no concern
If you wanna own it, m always there
But if you are here to blame me, I really don’t care
I m my own hero now
Now no one can ever let me down

I Remember

There might be guys who try to get my attention
But baby don’t you worry, don’t you take any tension
Cz my heart belongs to you
Cz my love for you is true
I remember all the hard times that we have had
I remember all the days that we were sad
N i remember how we came out as winners
Cz we had dreams, n we are pretty good dreamers
We had dreamt of our beautiful n happy life
We had dreamt of a man and his wife
So don’t you worry, I’ll love you forever
Our love, so strong, it will die never
Cz everything is alright when you hold me near
I got nothing to worry, i let go off all my fears
I remember those tears in your eyes
When you confessed all your lies
N i remember how i forgave you
N how stronger that day we grew
I remember when you hugged me n told you would do anything
Anything to prove your love, anything to build the trust
Cz the kind of love we have is not found every day
It’s more difficult than finding a needle in a stack of hay
So don’t you worry, there is nothing to discuss
We are forever; we are always going to be “Us”

Unbreakable 2

We are happy, we smile, and we say I love you
But suddenly ghosts from my pasts attack you
I expect you’ll handle me and you’ll take care
But u lose your temper and things turn into a nightmare
The ghosts become monsters, coming to eat me
I cry, hate myself, and feel like killing me
But then, I pick myself up
Had enough of fights,
It’s time to give up
So i apologize,
I say don’t leave me…it’s my fault, m sorry
U say I’ll never leave you idiot, don’t you worry
We’ll always be together, cz I know we are strong
I finally found you and i can’t let go this beautiful bond!

Scars of your love

The way we talk for hours on end
The beautiful time that together we spend
Those late night talks
N those romantic walks
All this things i wish i could lock in a cage
As we keep writing everyday a new page
Pages to our story we add
Sometimes happy, sometimes sad
But in the end we make everything perfect
Sort everything n don’t let it affect
If i ever lose you, you must know
How I’ll die every day, i won’t let it show
I’ll be strong n fake a smile
But i won’t let you realize
How your love has left me hurt
How badly my heart has been burnt
The scars of your love will remain
Remain forever, remain till the end
Cz never ever so happy i have felt
Cz no one’s hug has made me melt
So dare you change, dare you give up on us
No matter the problems, no matter the fuss
Cz the scars of your love will remind me of us
So don’t you ever let me go
N I just want u to know
That no matter how badly our story we screw
I love you n will forever do!

The good in Goodbye

A coward! That is who you are
A small problem comes n you just run
I accepted all your weaknesses, thought you were the one
But a person who can’t love himself
How can he love anyone?
I pity you, i pity your life
Cz i know that u living a lie
Cold n heartless that is who you are
You hurt people n leave deep scars
You hurt n break n make people cry
M glad you left, m glad we said good bye!


Problems come, anger builds, we fight

But in the dark tunnel we see the light

A ray of hope, a ray of love

A ray of trust that our love will never rust

U might want to leave me, and next day i’ll want the same

but deep in our hearts, we know that we’ll always remain

We’ll remain together, we’ll remain strong

‘Cz we got that beautiful bond.

The Journey

The journey with you… So beautiful
The days we have spent together… So wonderful
The way you magically erased all my pain
I’ll happily want to relive those moments again
Everyday with u feels so different
Everyday with you feels so magical
Everyday I feel new in love
M So lucky to have Finally found the one
My day starts n ends with you
About the immensity of my love you got no clue
U have affected my life in such a way
That I can’t imagine without u a single day
I crave to talk to you every night and morning
I wish u had come with a warning
Cz now I am super addicted to you
Cz now I can’t live without you
Cz you are a toxic drug and I am your prey
N I hope forever and always together we stay